We’re recruiting!

We’re really happy to see how LIFC has made a positive impact on many of your lives. Good memories are made, new friendships are forged, and existing bonds are strengthened. If you have enjoyed yourself at LIFC, either at our physical or online conventions, why not join our planning committee? Be a part of the LIFC journey and create memories for the community.

Team Philosophy

  1. LIFC is for the community, by the community. The Planning Committee is part of the community too, and we ensure that everyone on the team is cared for.
  2. Everyone on the LIFC team is a volunteer who wants to help out the convention because we believe in it. As a volunteer, you may have other life commitments too, and we respect that. As far as possible, I want to make sure that the work assigned to you doesn’t exceed the effort that you’re willing to commit.
  3. Your role here should be engaging to you. We hope through your time on the team, you learn new skills, and you see your efforts turn into visible results for LIFC.
  4. If you’re willing to learn, we’re willing to teach. Come with an open mind, and we’ll get you up to speed with the task at hand.
  5. We’re all human. If you feel like the workload is too much for you to handle, or you’re feeling burnt out, or other commitments come up, tell us. Work can always be re-assigned. Real life comes first.



The LIFCO Discord server is where all the action happens. The Discord team is in charge of this, setting up permissions, channels, and so on. They also coordinate with the registration team to ensure we have the proper setup for the schedule and events!


Coordinating hundreds of people can be a challenge, but it’s fulfilling too. As the registration team we handle stuff like opening attendee registration, managing dealer, panellist, game host applications, conbook submissions, and so on. From there, we come up with the event schedule. If you want to learn the skills to organise events of your own, here’s a good place to start.


We want to ensure that socialising in the Discord text and voice channels run smoothly. A bad interaction could ruin people’s experience of the event, or even their impression of the LIFC community as a whole. The moderator team helps keep everything organised and well!


Art helps to keep our posters and website refreshing! The art team contributes art assets to accompany our posters, social media images, and website. If you want an excuse to practice your drawing skills, join us in the art team. We’ll be happy to have you.


Our announcement posts are usually accompanied by images. That’s where the graphic design design team comes in. Putting together art and information, we create eye-catching posters that look great on our social media platforms. Pick up design skills such as colour-picking, typography, and more, with the graphic design team.

Social Media

We want to keep you guys informed of what’s going on with LIFCO! The social media team is in charge of managing LIFCO’s various social media accounts, as well as planning each announcement. Interested in learning some marketing and social media skills? This team is for you.

Website Coder

The website is the all-in-one resource for attendees to access the convention schedule, registration forms, and more! The website team helps to keep all the information updated, as well as updating the website to fit each convention’s theme! You’ll be picking up some web development skills, user interaction concepts, and more! Note: HTML, CSS, and Javascript skills are strongly recommended for this role.

Discord Bot Coder

The Discord bot helps our team run the event easily. It auto-assigns attendee roles; creates rooms for dealers, panels, and games; and much more. The Discord bot team helps to maintain the bot, adds new features, and sets it up for each convention. Note: Python skills are strongly recommended for this role.


We’re recruiting team members for the following LIFCO in November 2022. If you’re interested, fill up the form below and we’ll get back to you if we have an opening for you!