Little Island Furcon

Little Island Furcon, or LIFC for short, is a Singapore-based furry convention. After our first convention in 2019, we were gearing up for the next one in 2020. However, the COVID-19 pandemic situation forced us to put those plans on hold…

LIFC Online

After postponing the plans for LIFC 2020 for 3 years, we needed a way for the local community to reconnect with each other, as well as our international friends. LIFC Online (LIFCO) was our solution. Through the safety of an online platform, we could bring people together without pandemic restrictions.

Now that Singapore is easing off the restrictions, the physical LIFC convention has returned! But that doesn’t mean LIFCO’s journey ends here. LIFCO remains a place for people to connect with the community, especially for people who cannot attend the physical event because of financial reasons, geographical distance, personal restrictions, and more. As such, we’re going to keep it as a yearly event.

So what are you waiting for? Come and meet the LIFC community! Reconnect with old friends and forge friendships with new ones! We’ll see you there!