Pasar Malam

Welcome to the pasar malam! With snack stalls and upbeat music, the lively vibes are what you need to unwind after a long day.


The bustling crowd and bright lights make for a vibrant mood in the night market. You smell the fragrance of steamed corn mixing with the oily scent of peppery fried fritters. After buying some okonomiyaki, tutu kueh, and the Singapore-famous Ramily burger, you head to the nearby tables where your friends are gathering for dinner.

The pasar malam, meaning “Night market” in Malay, is a vibrant part of Singapore’s culture. Rows of stalls sell various snacks from local delights (like otah and steamed buns) to street food from other countries (like takoyaki and fried mushrooms).

While we may not be able to indulge in these sights, sounds, and smells from the comfort of our home, we can still enjoy the company of our friends through dealer booths, panels, games, hangout channels, art streams, and of course, dinner with friends at our Mukbang session. Join all of this, and more, at the LIFC Online Discord server.

Join us on 18 January for our next LIFCO!


LIFCO is an online convention based in Singapore. Every year, our community of furries meet on Discord for a day of hanging out, games, panels, and more! Check out our events page for more information about the activities for the upcoming LIFCO.


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Get ready for a night of local snacks and cosy vibes. We’ll see you there!