Our Story

People move through the city like clockwork; every-shifting crowds that ebb and flow through the towering skyscrapers and bustling streets. We lay low among them, invisible as we dash from rooftop to rooftop, dart from shadow to shadow. Spot us, and we might let you peek into the secret underground that lies hidden in plain sight.

This is our world.


Join us on 21 May for our next LIFCO event! The theme is Techwear X Urbex, so pull up your hoodies and join us in the gritty world of abandoned buildings.


LIFCO is an online convention based in Singapore. Every 6 months, our community of furries meet on Discord for a day of hanging out, games, panels, and more! Check out our events page for more information about the activities for the upcoming LIFCO.


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Ready for action? We’ll see you there!