A Murder Mystery

Disaster struck as Finn Henderson, the host of the party, laid motionless on the floor of his own mansion. His five guests gathered around, trying their best to revive him, but he was already dead—and the killer was one of them. With each having their own motives and alibis, can you navigate the maze of puzzles and testimonies to solve the mystery of the Leaf Coe mansion?


Join us on 3 December for our next LIFCO event! There has been a murder in the Leaf Coe Mansion, and it’s up to you to figure out the culprit. Put on your detective caps and cloak, get investigating, and bring the culprit to justice.


LIFCO is an online convention based in Singapore. Every 6 months, our community of furries meet on Discord for a day of hanging out, games, panels, and more! Check out our events page for more information about the activities for the upcoming LIFCO.


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Put on your thinking caps and get ready to solve a murder mystery. We’ll see you there!