Hey fursuiters! We’re making a LIFCO con video and we need you! Grab your camera of choice, be it a digital camera, webcam, or even your phone. Rotate it to landscape/horizontal mode, then record a 10-second video of yourself in fursuit. You can wave, dance, or do something creative, so long as you keep it safe for work. If possible, aim for 720p resolution and above.

Here are some examples of what other fursuiters have submitted.

Check out the video we did for the previous LIFCO. Jump to the 1:37 mark to see the fursuiters!

After that, send your video to us by clicking on the button below. You’ll also get a “Fursuiter” ribbon on your conbadge, so what are you waiting for? The form will close on 3 December, so be sure to submit your video before then.