To The Skies!

It’s the year 1905, and the first aircrafts have proven that heavier-than-air flight was possible. From there, the early pioneers developed better and better planes, all in the bid to be one with the sky.


This is it. The wind conditions are perfect and the aircraft is ready. Arthur had done all the research he could under lab conditions, from optimising the wing shape in wind tunnels, to ensuring the structural integrity of the plane. All that is left is to see if it could fly.

Arthur hops into the cockpit and starts the engine. The propellers whir to life and the plane makes its way down the runway. It’s slow at first, but the engines are hard at work. As the plane accelerates, the otter feels the wind in his fur and the rush of adrenaline. The wheels clatter over the rocky ground, making the plane shudder more and more with the increasing speed, until…

There’s a jolt, and the vibrations are no more. The 600-pound plane is off the ground, cruising on the unseen forces created by mere air. Arthur has done it; he has achieved flight.

In time, people would create bigger and better aircrafts, venturing into the heavens that we once thought out of reach. Not all of furrykind were born with wings, but we all were meant to fly.

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Start your engines and take to the skies. We’ll see you there!