Game host application is currently closed. Stay tuned for the opening date!

Games are a great way to socialise!

No such thing as awkward introductions as you bash your way through waves of zombies, or cooperate on your joint Minecraft build. As a game host, you’ll be provided with a voice channel to coordinate your game of choice. You’ll also be provided a text channel where you can post stuff such as a link to the game download, a YouTube guide to the game, and so on!

Game Hosts’ Code of Conduct

  1. You will adhere to the Attendee’s Code of Conduct.
  2. Sexually explicit games are strictly prohibited.
  3. Do not promote piracy.

Last updated: 24 Feb 2022

Tips for Game Hosts

  1. Do be on time for your game! We recommend getting on the game call at least 10 minutes before your game’s time slot so you can test your call. If you are doing a video call, or streaming your screen, it’s good to get this tested in advance. Message us in #activity-admin if you face technical difficulties.
  2. Not all attendees will know how the game works. To help them out, you can post a link to the download page, along with a summary of the instructions and basic controls. After that, pin these messages. This way, if players are lost, you can refer them to the pinned messages, and you can focus on hosting the game.
  3. Your game’s channel has a text chat where attendees can send messages. You can read more about Discord voice call text chat here. You can post installation instructions, gameplay guides, house rules, and so on, in this chat. You can also use this chat to interact with your participants and answer relevant questions as they pop up.
  4. Try to be inclusive of all attendees that join. If you see anyone being left out of the group, reach out to them and help them fit in. A little effort on your part can mean a lot to each attendee!
  5. If there are any trigger warnings, e.g. horror, extreme violence, flashing lights, please warn the players ahead of time.
  6. If there are limited slots for your game (e.g. you’re playing a game that only allows 8 players at a time), you can create a Google Form for game sign-ups. This will let you organise the players (explain the rules, group them into teams, etc) ahead of time.
  7. If the game room has reached a player cap, we can create more voice calls for other players to set up their own game rooms and matches. Ask us in #activity-admin and we can set that up for you.
  8. You don’t have to limit yourself to the allocated time slot. For example, if you signed up for a 1 hour slot, but the players are in the mood to keep going after 1 hour, feel free to continue playing. If you’re tired of hosting after your time slot is over, you can step down and let other players take over as the host.
  9. Do note that the channel will be inaccessible after the event, so if there is anything you need on the channel, please save it before the event is over.
  10. Don’t feel nervous while hosting your game. Everyone is here to hang out and enjoy themselves. Just give it your best shot, and have fun!