Panellist application is currently closed. Stay tuned for the opening date!


Panels are a great platform for you to present on just about anything. You can give an introduction to fursuiting, talk about photography, conduct a writing workshop, and more! During the event, you will be provided with a voice channel where you can stream your slides and present. You will also be provided with a text channel where you can post and pin various links and resources.

Panellist’s Code of Conduct

  1. You will adhere to the Attendee’s Code of Conduct.
  2. Your presentation must be free of anything violent, hateful, political, or illegal.
  3. If your presentation contains mature content, you must inform us beforehand. We will tag your room as 18+ so that minors do not see the voice channel. Note: mature furry art is alright, but real-life nudity is strictly prohibited EVEN in mature panels.

Last updated: 24 Feb 2022

Tips for Panellists

  1. Do be on time for your panel! We recommend that you join your panel’s voice channel 5-10 minutes before your panel’s timeslot to set up your presentation. This way, if there are technical issues, we can help you resolve them before your presentation starts.
  2. By default, attendees will not be able to speak on the voice call during your panel. If you have additional speakers, or need to allow all attendees to speak, please ask for assistance on the #activity-admin channel on the LIFCO Discord.
  3. Your presentation’s channel has a text chat where attendees can send messages. You can read more about Discord voice call text chat here. You can post your panel slides, additional resources, and so on, in this chat. You can also use this chat to interact with your audience and answer relevant questions as they pop up.
  4. Do note that if anyone is using their video camera or sharing their screen in the voice call, Discord automatically enforces a 25-person limit in that call. If you have a Twitch account (or any other streaming service), we highly encourage you to stream your panel so that more attendees can attend it.
  5. Try to finish within the allocated time slot, but don’t worry if you exceed the time — we won’t chase you out. But do take note that attendees may want to join other activities after your time slot, so they may not stay until the end if you extend beyond your time slot.
  6. Do note that the channel will be inaccessible after the event, so if there is anything you need on the channel, please save it before the event is over.
  7. Do ask if you need help. If you have questions, feel free to email us at admin@littleislandfur, or contact us on any of our social media platforms listed below. During the event, there will be the #activity-admin channel on the LIFCO Discord for you to ask questions and request assistance.
  8. Don’t feel nervous during your panel. Everyone is here to have fun, learn new things, and meet new people. You don’t need to give the perfect presentation. Just give it your best shot, and have fun!